Sunday, September 17, 2017


Apple week is one of my favorite weeks because it's the sign that fall is near.  
Plus it's a really yummy snack for the kids to eat!

First thing first... bobbing for apples!


Ring Around the Apple Tree
tune: Ring around the Rosie
Ring around the apple tree,
here comes a big breeze!
Apples, apples,
we all fall down!

Apple Pie in a Cup
This is such an easy recipe and there is no baking required! I use pre-packaged apple chunks but you could use apple pie filing as well. Ahead of time, I drain and put the apples in a large bowl. Then I add a dash of cinnamon sugar and mix it up.

We put a few graham crackers in a gallon size Ziploc bags. The kids take turns gently smashing with the palm of their hand the graham crackers to make the crust ( I suggest to model what "gently" looks like!).  Once the pieces are broken up, place a little crust in to the bottom of each cup. Next, we scoop a little apple mixture in to the cup and top with a glob of whipped cream. The kids LOVE this treat! 





Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Transportation is one of the kids favorite units to talk about.  They love making the cars and trucks go  VROOM!  And of course, you can't talk about transportation without making a traffic light.   The kids learned a song that explains the meaning of each light and we played a 'Stop and Go' game that they couldn't stop giggling over. 
side note: Aunt Tami had the traffic light upside down when helping the kids put the lights on. 
I don't think they noticed. =D

One of my favorite books is "Little Blue Truck" by Alice Schertle.  If you don't have the book, I found a read-along video which you can find when you scroll down the page.
The muddy blue truck craft goes along perfectly with this book.

Land, Air, Water Sorting

Counting Airplanes in the Sky

It is simply having the kids walk around the room (sometimes they would run or spin in circles). Then yell STOP!  They really thought it was hysterical to freeze in different positions.
Then yell GO! Let the fun begins again.



Red, Yellow, Green
tune: Three Blind Mice

Red, yellow, green
Red, yellow, green.
What do they mean?
What do they mean?
Red means stop and yellow means slow.
Green means go and now we know.
Red, yellow, green.
Red, yellow, green.



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