Wednesday, January 17, 2018


January is a great time to focus on books and activities with a SNOWMAN theme.  We spent a lot of time reading books, playing games and making a variety of snowman crafts.

Squishy Snowman Bags
(squish around to find the carrot nose)
INSIDE THE BAG: made with shaving cream, foam orange nose
OUTSIDE THE BAG: Felt squares and circle. The sticky kind on one side.



Monday, January 8, 2018

Peas, Please!

Pease-pudding HOT
Pease-pudding COLD
Pease-pudding in a POT
9 days OLD
Some like it HOT
Some like it COLD
some like it in a POT
9 days OLD


Pease (clap both hands to thighs) pudding (clap own hands together) hot (clap partner's hands),
pease (clap both hands to thighs) pudding (clap own hands together) cold (clap partner's hands),
Pease (clap thighs) pudding (clap own hands) in the (clap right hands only) pot (clap own hands),
nine (clap left hands only) days (clap own hands) old (clap partner's hands).

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Confetti Eruptions!

Ring in the new year with confetti science play! Kids can enjoy New Year’s Eve too even if they don’t get to stay up till midnight, or have an early celebration filled with confetti fun. Try confetti science eruptions and let the kids make a little mess for a special occasion. 

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like tons of flying confetti!
Supplies we used: baking soda, confetti, distilled white vinegar, and turkey droppers.

Mix together the baking soda with the confetti.  Place in a clear cup so the kids can see the confetti bubbling over in the best way.  Add the vinegar a few drops at a time and watch your creation bubble over!

Have a Happy New Year!